Chicken Kababs

Mediterranean/Arab foods are amazing. The meat is always tender and perfectly spiced, and the accompanying vegetables and sauces complement the main dish beautifully. My favorite place to eat them is on the streets in the Middle East.

I've wanted to make chicken kababs ever since I bought these metal skewers this summer. We don't have an outdoor grill, but sometimes I like to pretend that we do by grilling sandwiches, meats, and basically anything else on my trusty panini maker. However, I'm a bit scared of undercooking chicken. I have a meat thermometer, but I don't trust that either just based on my general suspicion of kitchen tools. So, I decided to cheat. I cooked the chicken as I regularly would, then sauteed up some vegetables to go with it. I then threaded the chicken and veggies on the skewers and nicely positioned them on top of some hot white rice to make it seem like I made real kababs. But then I told everyone about it on this blog, and noone was fooled.

I marinated the chicken the same way as for these chicken tacos I made earlier, but added some ginger to the marinade. Then, I sliced up some red bell peppers and yellow squash and cooked them simply with some salt and pepper. I skewered everything together and placed the kababs on some hot rice. Last step, of course, was to garnish the whole thing with cilantro.

You just can't go wrong with marinating the chicken this way, with soy sauce and honey.