The Best Glass of Soda You've Ever Had

The Best Glass of Soda You've Ever Had

Hey everyone, Sruthi let me (Gautam) do another blog post after how educational people thought the cereal post was. So I decided to change your world again… with a post on how to make your own soda! I recently read in this book on world history that there are fewer than 100 life-altering visits to Bed Bath and Beyond – I was fortunate enough to have one of them. A little over a year ago, I encountered a lady with too much make-up and long fingernails doing a product demo in one of the aisles. Usually I steer clear away, but it was blocking my path to the “Beyond” section of the store. She was doing a demo of a product called “Sodastream”. Here’s how it works:

  • -Put water in a bottle and screw the bottle to the Sodastream machine
  • -Press a button at the top 3 times or until you hear a beep
  • -Unscrew the bottle and pour some of the Sodastream flavoring in (whichever flavor you want – they have cola, diet cola, orange, lemon-lime, energy drinks, pretty much anything you can think of)
  • -Close the bottle, shake/swirl a little bit, and the soda is ready!

After the most captivating 30 seconds of my life, I was still a little skeptical – but it seriously tasted awesome! Other benefits: it’s a fraction of the calories, you never run out of soda (or drink mixers), it saves money in the long run, and it saves space in the fridge for more important things than soda (think Sriracha sauce). After I saw the demo, I was swooning like a 13-year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert, but the more even-keeled Sruthi told me to wait until I was in a calmer state of mind– or at least until I stopped crying. So she added this to our wedding registry, and a few months later (thanks Rashaad and Salva!), we had a new red Sodastream machine. And it hasn’t disappointed anyone (except our dog Mowgli who is terrified of the buzzing sound it makes). I highly recommend you either buy one or get married / get married again.

For those lost souls still buying 2 liter bottles, you’re welcome. For real cooks who mistakenly clicked this, I apologize. And for those working in the marketing department of Sodastream responsible for paying bloggers, call me!