Welcome to Kitchening Around!

I thought of the name for this blog  within five minutes of deciding to write it back in 2011. I needed a hobby which combined my love for food, photography, and writing, so this was a natural fit. “Kitchening Around” describes my food philosophy perfectly: mess around in the kitchen with what you have until you create something which satisfies as many senses as possible. My very first post was a caprese salad, which epitomizes my favorite kind of meal - simple to create, easy on the eyes, and unexpectedly flavorful. 

I recently decided to turn this side hustle into a full-time gig. It’s scary and uncertain, but most of all it’s exciting to finally work on something which has been my passion project for years. I’ll keep cooking and blogging as usual, but will be working on other cool projects I will preview here and through the newsletter. Stick around, subscribe, and send me a note !